“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” -John Muir

Total Miles Hiked

Difficulty (1-10)

Fun Level (1-10)

Hiking the Salem Lake Greenway trail was a blast. We had a wonderful time just taking a slow walk around the lake. The views were great, but nothing earth shattering. The path was flat and easy throughout.

We have been feeling particularly down lately in terms of our job and our future. We have felt like we have been stuck in a rut without knowing what we really even wanted to do. EVERY single time we go on a hike and get to taste the fresh air and get moving, we find peace. Hiking in the outdoors has to be one of the best ways that we combat stress and negative thinking. It is amazing how much better we feel on mile 4 compared to just starting out.

Get out there and get hiking friends, you will be very glad that you did!

-Jordan @ THH