“We do not go to the green woods and crystal waters to rough it, we go to smooth it. We get it rough enough at home, in towns and cities.”
–   G. W. Sears

Total Miles Hiked

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Fun Level (1-10)

Our most recent wilderness adventure took us to Badin Lake in New London NC. We traveled about an hour from Salisbury early Thursday morning. We had to work today at 11:30 but we decided to get up early and start off our long shift with a hike.

First let me say that hiking is awesome. Anytime we get to go walk around the woods and stare out upon a beautiful lake is a good day, That being said, Badin Lake trail was one of the more unexciting and, for lack of a better word, annoying hikes.

It started out with us walking around a paved walking path around Kings Point Day Use Area. This turned out to not connect to any trail and we found our way back to the car in about 15 minutes. Eventually we found the start of the trail head in this area in a small tucked away area. The signage was basically non-existent. The trail was marked with a white paint making very consistently, but no other signs were present. Was the white paint marking the trail? Or was the white paint just put on every other passing tree by a teenager with too much energy and too much time on his hands? The world may never know.

Throughout the trail we had to be aware of giant spider webs that crossed the trail basically everywhere. Each spider web was thick and strong, and at times it felt like floss being dragged across our faces. Not too much fun!

The redeeming factors of the trail included an amazing view of the lake, as well as the chance to start a work day with a short hike. I also got the chance to try out my new trekking poles, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Again, any day you can head out into nature is a good day, but if you are thinking about checking out this trail don’t bother!