“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.” -Unknown

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This trip was all about waterfalls and Miranda’s need to see them. This hike was not in our hiking wish list, and we actually never even heard of Hanging Rock before google told us about it yesterday.

I am repeatedly flummoxed that AllTrails.com is not accurate nor does it give you the best trail options. This trail is indeed located on the All Trails website but I never came across it. I just don’t find the site all that useful as the information on it can be suspect.

Anyways, we are super happy we found this park as we had an incredible time. It was easy to find and their was plenty of parking and the trail heads were marked clearly (see, it CAN be done King’s Mountain! That hike still gives me shudders…).

We took several different trails but made sure to see as many waterfalls as we could. The Indian Creek Trail took us to the Window Falls and Hidden Falls waterfalls both of which were beautiful (pictures below). Hanging Rock Trail took us to Hanging Rock which was enormous with plenty of room to veg out. There was actually a guy flying around a quadcopter which I found amusing. I would like to get one!.

Next we took Wolf Rock trail to see Wolf Rock which was alright. At this point we turned around and hiked back to the parking area. From there we took a short hike on The Upper Cascade Falls to see another waterfall. This was one huge and my favorite.

It was another incredible day of hiking. My ankle held up, we didn’t run out of trail mix or water, and the scenery was pristine. The more mileage we get under our boots (or whatever kind of shoes Miranda decides to wear) the more we are going to be ready to fly to Iceland and take on The Laugavegur trail. I can’t wait for that, but also recognize we have a good ways to go.

Wish us luck as we continue our journey!

-Jordan @ THH