This series of posts will show where we are at in our hiking journey in terms of equipment. As you can see from the pictures below, we are starting from scratch and adding things when we find the need. 

With each peice of hiking gear that we add I will write a review and share it. This will help us to figure out what is working for us, but also help you to choose between certain items if you are thinking about getting more into hiking. 

Jordan gear level one


Socks: Under Armour heat gear high socks. I wear these socks for work and play. I am all about Under Armour and as of yet I have not any problems with any of their merchandise. I am definitely partial to their brand!

Footwear: Nike running shoes. Definitely not too too good for trail running. Evidence to this comes from the fact one of the shoe laces broke on our recent South Mountain Hike… It is time for an upgrade for sure! 

Brace: I wear a pretty strong ankle brace on my left ankle. Due to an injury I incurred back when I was in college, my ankle has never been the same. i am actively working to find a better brace, and I just got one on Amazon. Ill let you know how it is!

Underwear: I have finally found the greatest pair of underpants on the planet. I love them so much I am going to write an entire post dedicated to their awesomeness for all uses. For now, suffice it to say that I don’t see the need to ever wear anything else on a hike. 

Shorts: Under Armor black athletic shorts. I haven’t yet found the need to wear khaki shorts or pants on a hike. I do love khakis but I am a lot more comfortable over long distances in the heat with just these shorts. Once it gets a little colder I can imagine switching over, but right now in NC summer I am just fine!

Shirt: Under Armour athletic shirt. Durable and wicks sweat away nicely. 

Pack: The pack I currently use is the Bago Hiking Backpack. It is AWESOME. It has more than enough pockets and two side pockets for water bottles. My favorite part is the mesh backing that is built to keep it just far enough off your pack to keep ventilation up. I have only used this bag on a few hikes recently, but I love it, and would highly recommend it to anyone. 

That is it for gear level one for this guy! Stay tuned for upcoming upgrades. 


Socks: Just normal black socks. Nothing too special. 

Footwear: Black running shoes from Avia. 

Shorts: Champion athletic shorts. 

Shirt: Purple shirt obtained from Goodwill. We love a bargain!

Pack: Doesn’t have one yet. We currently switch off the carrying responsibilities. 

Wrist: Fitbit Charge. We utilize this to track mileage and elevation. We have found it to be very accurate, and it helps us keep track of our current place!

Ponytails: Part of her gear is keeping her hair out of her face! 

I did ask for my wife’s help while writing this post. When I asked her what gear she wore she said “Well, pretty basic. Black shoes and normal socks.”