“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous” -Aristotle

Total Miles Hiked

Difficulty (1-10)

Fun Level (1-10)

Morrow Mountain is a beautiful place. It is even more beautiful on a Monday with no people about. We felt like we had the entire mountain to ourselves as we took to the trails.

We ventured out on the Sugarloaf mountain trail first. The scenery was incredible and the journey easy going at first until the trail turned into a directly uphill battle for our lives. We did it with only a few breaks thrown in from time to time.

We have found that hiking is a chance to relax and to get away from the stress of life. We CANNOT be stressed while huffing and puffing up a steep hill. Our focus shifts and our spirits are lifted. There is nothing that can get us down when trekking through the woods.

Next we went to the Hattaway Mountain trail. It was a little bit shorter at only 2 miles and we crushed it. It was a steady uphill until the turn.

Overall, it was a great day hike and just getting away from the world for a few hours is extremely refreshing.