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Grandfather mountain was breathtakingly awesome, despite the fact that we had to pay 20 dollars each to get in the park. Since when is it cool to charge for natural places? Oh well, it well worth the price as I would have paid $100 each for the day that we had.

We started it off by checking out some of the animal exhibits that they have on the mountain. So no, the bear below was not found on a natural path. Thank the good Lord! I would have high tailed it out of there and never come back for sure. I hope I never have to come face to face with a bear, despite the fact that it is a long standing/running joke of mine that I want to fight a bear some day. No sirree bob do I ever want to do anything of the sort.


The high point of the trip to Grandfather Mountain and the main reason we wanted to do this adventure was the mile high swinging bridge. Seen below, this bridge was epic to walk on, and the views were outstanding. It was extremely crowded, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

From the top parking lot, which we took a small trail to get to from Blackrock trail parking, walking the bridge was a short out and back hike of only a few minutes, but it was worth it!


After the excitement of the bridge we weren’t sure what was next. The information that was given and could be found was lackluster (or at least I am still a noob at collecting hiking information) and we weren’t’ sure where to go!

We saw a sign and a bunch of people walking around near what we figured out later was the trail head for “Grandfather Trail.” After doubling back to the car and getting my ankle brace (which I stupidly forwent during the hike up to the bridge) we decided to try it out.

There were several warnings posted about the strenuous nature of the hike, and that kids should probably not be present. That didn’t stop some courageous and I have to say, some pretty stupid parents from bringing their kids along. I am not one to judge, but some of those kids should not have taken on this trail.

You can see more from the pictures in the slider below, but this hike was definitely not for the faint of heart. However, it was one of the most exciting hikes I have been on. We got to use cables at multiple locations, and we went up and down ladders about 20 times during the short hike to the top. I say short, but it was long and arduous.

Once we got the top of the peak, it was amazing to look around. We eventually spotted the swinging bridge which seemed really far away and a long way down. I lamented that I didn’t bring my glider, as it would have been amazing to take a leap off the edge and soar down to land below.

I don’t actually have a glider, but some day right?

The trip down wasn’t too bad, although Miranda realized that ladders were not her favorite things in the world. I think she did amazing, and we both continue to be very proud of each other for what we are accomplishing.

The adventures of two hikers hiking will only get more exciting and more strenuous. I hope you will follow along with our blog and join in the adventure with us. Hiking has been an amazing past time for us to get away from the craziness of our day job. We love being out in nature and enjoying God’s green earth.

All in all, if going to Grandfather Mountain has ever crossed your mind, don’t delay. Take a weekend away from home and go there, it just might be the most exciting vacation you ever take.