“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity” ― John Muir, Our National Parks

Dunn’s Mountain was supposed to be a “challenging hike.” It was not.

This hike ended up being a quarter mile hike on a fenced in granite path. Miranda was not a fan of feeling boxed in and not able to explore the nature around her. I was thinking that we don’t often venture off the beaten path, but wisely kept quiet. If I have learned one thing being married for four years, its that I don’t always need to say whats on my mind.

Anyways, this short hike was a delight, in that the views at the top were very nice. It appears that Dunn’s Mountain is a preserve of an old quarry. Oh it would have been nice to explore a little bit more, but it was worth the short trip. See the slider below for more pictures of the hike! We were joined this time by my sister Denise. It seems ironic that the first post on this website would actually feature a hike that 3 people took, but what can you do? Most of the posts and information featured here will be about the hikes that my wife and I are undertaking.

This hike demonstrated one of the most difficult things about hiking, which is actually finding information about where you are hiking. You just don’t know what to expect sometimes when you go to a hiking site. I suppose that this is good in some respects, but the internet is not as good as I would have expected when it comes to learning about hiking in your area.

Surely there are exceptions, and maybe there is a ton of information in your area! We are near Charlotte, and while we know there are a ton of hiking places around us since we are pretty close to Boon NC, websites like AllTrails.com or Trails.com are often not as helpful as you might expect. Details such as where to park, how many miles the trail is, etc. seem to be lacking at times.

It boggles this 27 year old computer age mind that we have found more hikes through word of mouth than we have found on the internet. I guess this might have to do with the fact that hiking is a hobby which attracts more free spirited and potentially not the most technological people? Maybe?

For now, I will take it as a learning curve, and a challenge to talk to more people about our hobby and find really good hikes.