I recently purchased these boots on Amazon after trying them on in a Dick’s Sporting goods. I was in need of a good pair of hiking boots and these fit the bill perfectly. I will share below why I chose these boots, and why I recommend that you do too. They were $104 with free Amazon Prime two-day shipping.

Every hiker needs a good pair of hiking boots, and this particular brand is available in many different sizes as well as men’s and women’s colors and designs. All ratings are out of a score of 100


The comfort level of these boots was spot on. I was leaning towards getting a more expensive Under Armour pair, but as soon as I tried these on I was hooked.

I had to have them as they were extremely comfortable and my feet and ankles felt solid in them.


The performance on several hikes so far has been superb. I took them on several short hikes first to break them in, and then wore them on our 17.5 miler.

They held up extremely well and did not even come close to giving me a blister. I will continue to wear them on every single hike to determine how they hold up long-term, but right out of the box they are stellar.


The style on these boots were average. I really liked them, but then again I am a guy. I asked my wife to give them a rating.

She gave them an 80 because she said 75 was too harsh. According to her, men’s hiking boots are only going to be so stylish.


  1. The metal lace support at the top is fantastic for getting a really tight tie of the laces.
  2. I love the color of my pair, but they come in a variety of options that mostly include black, brown, and green.
  3. The comfort is incredible. I could literally wear these all day at work if I had to and I would be perfectly happy.
  4. The foot cushion is great, and you can barely feel the rocks beneath your feet.


  1. The ankle support is not fail proof. While it feels great, my right ankle (my good ankle) turned on our long hike. My left ankle turned twice, even with a brace. I have weak ankles, and I am working to improve this, but these boots might not be helping.
  2. I do have to stop and re-tie them several times during a hike. Again, this might be normal, but it can be annoying to look down and my boots are untied/loose yet again.
  3. No other cons to list, overall I am very pleased.

What people are saying on Amazon:

Top Positive Review (5 Stars):

“After having a previous version of the Moab for over 2 years, and having put literally thousands of miles on them, throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, and predominantly the Middle East, I finally replaced them today – with the exact same thing. They are comofortable, versatile, worked well on every type of surface I was on, dried quickly, and took a helluva a beating in a myriad of good/bad/worse conditions, with only minor showings of real wear. If I could post photos of my current pair,I would. (Feel free to contact me, and I’ll gladly email them to you.) This is a bullet-proof boot, with a fantastaic price/value rating. Why pay more for more weight, more maintenance and possibly inferior performance? Like I said, after 2 years, I just replaced one pair for another. Enjoy!”

Top Critical Review (3 Stars):

“Item description states that this was constructed with a Gore Tex membrane but that is actually a different model of boot. The gore tex version has the orange accents on the side of the shoe. I haven’t tested the waterproof claim of this boot but it does seem to fit correctly. It’s comfortable and I hope it’s waterproof.”

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend getting these pair of hiking boots. They are incredibly comfortable, durable, and provide great foot support while minimizing blisters.

I love them so far, and will continue to wear them on my hikes. I will report back if anything changes, but I expect to be wearing these boots for years.