“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves”- Edmund Hilary

Total Miles Hiked

Difficulty (1-10)

Fun Level (1-10)

We started the hike right around 1000 steps. We took a picture just so we could be sure of how many steps we would be taking. Doing a 10+ mile hike was our goal. We both had it as one of our quests on Level Up Bevel Up so we decided to track it to make sure!

I left my Fitbit at home sadly, so I got to watch as Miranda’s 7 day step count went way up and mine went way down! Oh well!

The first part of this trail was pretty intense, but the waterfall at the end was very satisfying. You can see more pictures on that using the slider below, but it was incredible!

We had to trek over hilly ground and a multitude of steps. The steps just seemed to keep going straight up. And up. And up!

I am sitting writing this at home after the hike and I can tell you my dogs are barking. My legs from my knee down hurt all over. I cant wait to crawl into bed tonight and get a good nights rest!

About halfway through the hike Miranda found a flower patch that she was excited about. I am continually amazed at what a wonderful woman she is. She is two parts adventuring/outdoorsy and two parts sunshine/daisy/sun dresses. I can’t get over how much I love her determined spirit coupled with her ability to enjoy life’s most precious moments.

No, I did not fall down. This is just a picture of me trying to lay out on the hot rocks because I thought it might ease my pained muscles. It helped, and I was very happy to lay down for a bit!

In the end, this hike was absolutely the most difficult we have faced so far. It is not because of the mileage. I can walk 10 miles in my sleep, just ask my cousins Tom and Dave. No, it was difficult because of the CONSTANT elevation change.

We spent almost the entire hike either going up or down at pretty intense levels. Miranda’s Fitbit showed that we climbed 250 stairs! 250! While a lot of this “stair climbing” is just us going up at pretty steep angles and not actually climbing stairs, it still shows that this was one difficult hike.

And this means I would definitely go back and hike South Mountain again. It was really fun, and I definitely enjoyed the time spent with my best friend. We may even go back soon and do some camping once we get the proper gear.